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Blending pure, raw emotion with elements of alternative rock and punk roots, Grayscale has spent the past four years crafting their own unique loud and catchy sound. Delving into their deepest personal thoughts and experiences, lyricists Collin Walsh and Dallas Molster call it as they see it, no matter how brutally honest. The band’s bouncy rhythms and memorable hooks will stick in your head on first listen, and their relateable lyrics and stories will have you singing and screaming along in no time.

Emerging quickly from the thriving Philadelphia punk scene, Grayscale have been at it since late 2011 building a strong reputation and gaining steam among fans and music lovers. Coming off of their successful “Change EP” release in April 2015, the band is now ready to unveil its latest and most complete collection of songs to date in their Anchor Eighty Four Records full-length debut, “What We’re Missing”. Produced by Gary Cioffi (Transit, Misser, A Will Away), Mixed by Phil Dubnick (Transit), and Mastered by Brian Gardner (The Story So Far, Teagan & Sara, Kendrick Lamar); WWM is sizing up to be an incredible release with stronger hooks, more intricate instrumentation, and well-narrated stories. Grayscale is comprised of Walsh, Molster, Nick Veno, Andrew Kyne, and Derek Parker.

* Comes with a Free poster (while supplies last), and an Instant Download of the song, "Palette".

1. Tense
2. Palette
3. Midwest
4. Say Something
5. Change (Alternate Version)
6. Catholic
7. Bloom
8. Irish Curtains
9. August Love

Pressing Information

• Half Grimace Purple / Half Pink (100) [Band Exclusive]
• Dark Purple w/ Heavy White Splatter (150)
• Bone in Blue Color-in-Color (250)